Top 5 reasons to start training today!



A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Laozi



Top reasons to start today!

So you’ve been “Thinking” about joining a Jiu Jitsu Club?  You know where the school is.  Your best buddy at work started two months ago and you’ve seen him change from being pudgy little guy to a slightly less pudgy semi-buff little guy.  You know you can do better.  You’ve been to a few academies, checked out classes, and gotten a few fliers even posted on your refrigerator.  You’ve been thinking about it…really thinking about it.  Well to you sir/ma’am, I offer my top five reasons to start training today!


5.  Your partner thinks your fat!  You’ve heard it a thousand times and now a days people are a lot less direct about it  “Hey want to go Hiking?”.  or “How come you don’t play basketball anymore”? You’ve noticed it.  The baby’s noticed it. The top button on your jeans have noticed it.  And it would be naive to think the person that knows you most hasn’t noticed it.  You are stuffing more junk in your trunk and they are trying to say something.  It’s probably something that has contributed to  the loss of “that Loving feeling”.  Do something about it.  The best thing to do is to make a commitment to yourself, and to those that care about you, to present a better physical you to the world.


4.  Trying yourself is better than lying to yourself.  If you never try than you can remember yourself however you want.  As awesome as you want.  The land of “couldh avebeen” is a mythical place where you can dare to dream.  Unfortunately the land of reality is where we all reside.  If you never try, than you don’t know what really is.  And at the end of the day, what really is what really matters.  Knowing exactly what you are capable of is a wonderful feeling.


3.  There’s no one better to invest in than yourself. Whatever happens in life, if you spend time investing in yourself, whether it’s physical training, or Education than whether it’s a natural or unnatural disaster, it can’t be taken away.  Fortunately Jiu Jitsu is both!  You gain not only a way to exercise your body, but a way to increase your knowledge of an art form that is very mentally engaging.  Who is more deserving of this physical and mental expansion than you?


2.  Because in the long run the guy at the bar that talks about how he just started training somewhere is infinitely cooler than the guy” Who wrestled in High School” and is thinking about training. Polk High, 4 touchdowns in one game, is not relevant, and sad to say has not been since it happened.  Today is what matters.  Be a person of action.  Do something.


1.  Everyday you wait to train is every day you’ll wish you had to train.  When you finally do make the decision, be it a year after, your first opportunity, two years, three years, whatever.  Every day will haunt you, like the ghost of Christmas past, that you didn’t make the decision to join the school. Every person you talk to’s number one thing they wish about their own training is that they wish they would have started sooner!!  More time to train = More time to learn = More better!!


So don’t be a bench warmer to your own life.  Get out there and start.  Take that schedule off the refrigerator.  Walk in…don’t call, your nearest Jiu Jitsu School and commit yourself.  Commit yourself to a better you.